Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association Limited (HKCTOA)

Aerial view of Kwai Tsing Container Port
Source: Courtesy of Hongkong International Terminals

The HKCTOA was established in 1999 by the container terminal operators of Kwai Tsing Port of Hong Kong. Its mission is to promote to the container shipping industry the Port of Hong Kong as the key container hub port of the region. The Association aims at increasing the competitiveness of the Port and making positive contributions to areas of public interest such as traffic, infrastructure and environment where a common approach is more practical or efficient and is in the best interest of shipping industry stakeholders.

The current chairman of the Association is Ms Jessie Chung, formerly Director and General Manager of River Trade Terminal.

The Association does not consider or handle the commercial matters of its members.

The Association maintains good communication channels with various SAR and Central Government organisations, stakeholders in the industry and neighbouring ports.

HKCTOA membership comprises Kwai Tsing container terminal operators:

Asia Container Terminals Limited
COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Limited
Goodman DP World
Hongkong International Terminals Limited
Modern Terminals Limited